Career Transitions

Helping individuals and organizations navigate transitions.

  • Provide transitional coaching for leaders, key employees, and shareholders to individually and discretely help them transition and/or gracefully exit from their organizations.
  • Deliver a broad range of outplacement and transition services to help individuals move forward positively when business transitions occur. 

Project Examples:

  • Helped new product team of research scientists to seek out and find new positions inside this medical products company when their new product team was disband. All twenty five of them successfully found new positions within the corporation in the first quarter.
  • Coached nine direct reports to a new CEO as they merged three organizations into one new organization. Helped them adapt personally and professionally as they managed the integration of these three organizations.
  • Worked with key business Shareholder to create a post retirement business built around his unique experience, talents, and passions. 
  • Guided long term employee to recover from sever 'burn-out' and find a new position after being laid off. His first performance review in the new job was (in his words) 'the best ever'.
  • Coached terminated CEO to learn from the event and start a new business that better fit his skills, temperament and life goals. He is still operating this business after 15 years.
  • Assisted mid-career professional decide to stay in her current position with new commitment after considering external opportunities. 
  • Helped an individual on a ‘performance improvement plan’ to ‘decide to leave’ the organization.
  • Cliff Smith has coached over 1400 individual transitional clients since 1987.
  Cliff Smith - Venture Consulting  -  2019