Coaching individuals to help them adapt, grow, and change. 

Coaching to: retain key employees, speed up development, improve performance, develop leaders, and resolve conflict. 

Project Examples:

  • Coached plant managers and their teams to accelerate their growth and retention as leaders. Eighty five percent of the active participants were promoted. Three new plant managers emerged from this group. Retention was 100% for 16 months following the launch of this program.
  • Coached ‘high-talent’ technology professionals to prepare them for leadership roles. Two-thirds were promoted to management.
  • Served as a ‘sounding board’ for a high-talent executive as he assumed a variety of new roles to accelerate his development. He is still with this organization as a VP Operations and Business Unit Manager. 
  • Coached Attorneys and Shareholders to effectively grow and develop their practice to reflect their strengths and the market for their practice area.
  • Coached key employee to take responsibility for his growth, repair damaged relationships with peers, and earn a promotion.
  • Created and led internal mentoring initiative to develop future leaders.
  • Resolved conflict between two professionals who strongly disliked each other, yet needed to work together. 
  • Coached individual on a ‘performance improvement plan’ to improve performance and stay in the organization. 
  • Coached Shareholder team as they formed a professional services practice to establish positive working rapport.
  Cliff Smith - Venture Consulting  -  2019