My Approach

My Approach - to coaching individuals:

  • Clients are the center. I believe best results are achieved by respecting their choices, hunches, fears, and intentions. 
  • The content of our coaching conversations are treated as confidential by me. This includes: who I am working with, all 360 feedback, assessment information, or other information about our work. I only work with organizations that respect this ground rule. This leaves the client in-charge of sharing information about our work in any way they choose.
  • The first meeting with a client is to: allow them to decide if we should work together, exchange information on their 'wants', and formulate a possible approach to our work. 
  • Clients are given a written description of sponsored services at the start of our work.
  • Meetings are at a time and location that works for the client (I go to them). 
  • Clients are expected to commit to: learning, growing and investing in the changes they seek to fulfill the purpose of our work together. 
  • At each meeting we: review progress since the last meeting; formulate and work on the agenda items for the meeting; determine assignments for the next meeting; and set a time and place to meet next.
  • Cliff provides the following in partnership with the client: process for the conversations; written material or workbooks relevant to the tasks; feedback and/or assessment tools; and offers observations, suggestions, and encouragement. 
  • Clients are asked to take notes and review them. This supports their learning and growth because this improves retention dramatically*
  • As our work concludes, I will focus on 'assimilation' of the lessons learned and how to 'sustain' the changes they have achieved.
  • I stay in touch following our work at no cost. Clients become friends. 

Note - *

We forget 60% in 9 hours and 80% in 30 days without notes and review. 

We remember over 95% if we review our notes 10 minutes after class, and 5 minutes on day 7, and 4 minutes on day 30. 

Credit - 

  Cliff Smith - Venture Consulting  -  2019