Coaching ROI

What Works to create lasting change?  

  • Intention. Bring intention, willingness and/or curiosity to make changes. 
  • Gather Input to broaden your perspective. Conduct a self-review and gather feedback from others. 
  • Consider the changes seriously before setting goals and leaping to action. (#1)
  • Set Goals. Establish 1-3 strategic goals that matter to you. Write them down, and be specific. Attempt to define: outcomes, measures and timelines.
  • Have a Plan. Draft a written plan that includes: goals, action steps, and how you plan to stay on-track.
  • Daily Routine.  Establish a ‘daily routine’ that provides a focus and includes: reviewing goals, and planning the day. Harness the power of habit!!
  • Journal & Review Notes - Keep a ‘learning journal’ and ‘take notes’ to capture: lessons learned, pitfalls, patterns and deepen your learning. (See why! #2)
  • Stay On-Track.  When you get ‘off-track’, use a systematic method for reviewing the situation and making a thoughtful decision about next steps. (#3)
  • Sustain the Change over time. Keep moving toward your goals. Show up, and do the work. Focus on your progress and efforts.
  • Celebrate success.  Learn from 'what worked' (and didn’t) to strengthen your capacity for growth. 
  • Share ‘lessons learned’ with others in a way they find relevant to their goals. 

Notes & Credits

  1. 1.‘Stages of Change’ described in the book “Change For Good” by Prochaska, Norcross, and Diclemente.
  2. 2.Journal, Take Notes & Review often – We forget 60% in 9 hours and 80% in 30 days without notes and review. We remember over 95% if we review our notes 10 minutes after class, and 5 minutes on day 7, and 4 minutes on day 30. Take notes, review them often. It works!! Credit and/or 
  3. 3. ‘Thought Record’ described in the book “Mind over Mood” by Greenberger 

  Cliff Smith - Venture Consulting  -  2019